How to Analyze and Present Survey Results

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What is a Survey?

  • Cross-sectional. This survey is of a small section of a larger population within a small time frame. These are usually short and easy to answer quickly.
  • Longitudinal. These are for collecting survey data over a longer period of time to learn about a shift or transformation in opinion or thought about a particular topic. The people surveyed are the same every time.
  • Retrospective. In this case, the survey includes questions about events that happened in the past.
  • Quantitative. This data is collected from close-ended questions. These can be numerical answers, or yes and no answers. Quantitative surveys are easier to analyze and chart because of their nature.
  • Qualitative. This data is collected from open-ended questions. Qualitative surveys usually ask participants their opinion about a particular topic. The answers can be harder to analyze and chart, as they need to be grouped and simplified first.

The 4 Best Tools for Creating Surveys

  • Typeform. Create a Typeform directly on their website or right inside your Visme dashboard. To collect and analyze the survey data from a Typeform, download it as an Excel or CSV file. For more than 20 answers, connect the Google Sheets integration to your Typeform.
  • Google Forms. Collecting survey data in a Google Form is easy. The answers are instantly added to a spreadsheet that you can then further analyze and present with Visme later.
  • SurveyMonkey. Creating a survey in SurveyMonkey isn’t just easy, they also offer data analysis tools for your results like filtering and grouping. Furthermore, Survey Monkey offers simple presenting tools for your data. You can also download the results as a CSV or Excel file like with many other tools, and then present visually with Visme.
  • Stripo. With this tool, you can create a survey directly in an email and save all your results to analyze. Get an example of what your survey email could look like.

How to Create a Typeform Survey With Visme

  • Step 1: Create an area for your Typeform — a new block, slide or section — and click on the Apps button on the left tools panel.
  • Step 2: Click on the Typeform button to connect your Typeform account.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve signed in to your Typeform account, you can import any Typeform that you’ve previously created as long as it’s not private or unpublished.

How to Analyze Survey Results

How to Present Survey Results With Visme

1. Create a Presentation

2. Create a Report

3. Add a Chart or Graph

Bar graphs.

Pie charts.

4. Visualize Text With Icons

5. Use Pictographs

6. Create an Interactive Map

  • Choose between the world, regions, countries and states.
  • Use the eye icons to hide or show different sections.
  • Color code the sections as you wish.
  • Make sections interactive by adding popups and hover effects.

7. Incorporate Creative Graphics

8. Use Multiple Data Widgets

9. Embed Tableau Visualizations

Ready to Visualize and Present Your Survey Results?



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