7 Ways to Keep Your Infographics On Brand

Branding Infographics: 7 Essential Ingredients

What Makes Infographics Effective Marketing Tools?

A Clear Vision

A Valuable Message

Informative Graphics or Catchy Images

A Clean and Professional Look

1. The Color Palette

2. The Fonts

  • Your texts should be readable. Choose serif or sans serif fonts for your texts, ignore Script and Monospace typefaces. Here is a great article that explains all types of fonts and gives you enough visual examples to better understand the differences.
  • Use Display fonts for titles and lines of text you want to render more visible.
  • Do not use Display fonts that are almost unreadable such as the Gothic types or similar designs. You want to relay a clear and straightforward message, not stress your readers’ eyes with barely readable text.
Image Source

3. Placement of the Logo

4. High-Quality Images

5. Vector Icons

6. Graphs and Charts

Image Source

7. Tone of Voice

To sum up…



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Payman Taei

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