7 Powerful Tips On How To Use Referral Marketing To Boost Sales

What is Referral Marketing?

Why Does Referral Marketing Matter?

How to Set Up A Referral Marketing Program That Works

Tip 1: Provide Your Current Customers With Exceptional Products And Services

Tip 2: Build A Referral Marketing Program That’s Preferred By Your Customers

  • Who are my most valuable and top spending customers?
  • How can I encourage my referred customers to take advantage of their referral opportunities?
  • Am I offering something to my current customer as well as the new customer? If so, what would each of them prefer to receive? How can I leverage this to upsell my other products or services?

Tip 3: Make Your Referral Process Super Easy And User Friendly

Tip 4: Ensure Your Offers Aren’t Spammy

Tip 5: Track Your Referral Program

Tip 6: Consider Integrating A Product Or Service Review System

Create Your Own Referral Marketing Program



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Payman Taei

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