40 Creative and Memorable Logo Designs to Inspire You

40 Logo Samples and Practical Tips

1 Create a memorable design.

Designed by Siah Design

2 Use an image that evokes your subject.

Designed by Brandon Nickerson

3 Create an image within an image.

Designed by Sean O’Grady

4 Show your product’s purpose.

Designed by Ramotion

5 Incorporate your product into your text.

Designed by SB

6 Use visual metaphors.

Designed by Rawley King

7 Make use of negative space.

Designed by Sean Heisler

8 Create a GIF version of your logo.

Designed by Misha Petrick

9 Create a variety of animated versions.

Designed by Mattrunks Studio

10 Do more with less.

Designed by Stephen Boak

11 Relate it to your name.

Via LogoMoose

12 Choose a font with the right “personality.”

Via LogoMoose

13 Use a silhouette.

Designed by Aleksandar Peshevski

14 Keep it simple.

Via Logopond

15 Use a mascot.

Designed by Y Studios

16 Use your name in your logo.

Via Compass

17 Fit the logo to the product.

Via LogoMix

18 Use a visual pun.

Via Coolhomepages

19 Use an ambigram.

Designed by Marco Garcia

20 Transition to your name.

Designed by Studio-JQ

21 Use subtlety.

Designed by Eden Clairicia

22 Use letters to create images.

Designed by Stanislav Povzhik

23 Use a figure of speech.

Designed by Anastasiia Andriichuk

24 Combine picture and words.

Designed by Seamus Leonard

25 Include a border.

Designed by Yoga Perdana

26 Use simple transitions.

Designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy

27 Enhance its meaning with typography.

Designed by Raja Sandhu

28 Illustrate your name in a single image.

Designed by Levi Lowell

29 Make it easy to use in different contexts.

Designed by Arlo

30 Find creative ways to use numbers.

Designed by Brett Layton

31 Visualize a word’s meaning.

Designed by Anthony Lane

32 Combine different techniques.

Designed by Muamer Adilovic

33 Use the right font.

Designed by Sergey Babenko

34 Use only an image.

Designed by A11 Designs

35 Experiment with different styles.

Designed by A11 Designs

36 Use humor.

Designed by A11 Designs

37 Make your logo timeless.

Designed by Look Creative

38 Use repeating elements.

Designed by Jeriah Lau

39 Include hand drawings.

Designed by Jeriah Lau

40 Make it look good in black and white.

Designed by By Haus

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